How To Use Screenlets, VLC and AWN Manager by Logging In As Root

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Oh boy, am I going to be criticized for this. But please keep it to yourself, I post this because people should be free to use their computer any way they want, even if that means to break it :P

Before you follow any of the below steps, you show know that YOU MUST NOT LOG IN AS ROOT. If you still chose to do it, then read on.


1. Press Alt + F2, enter:
gedit /usr/share/screenlets-manager/screenlets-manager.py

2. Search for:
if USER == 0

And replace 0 with 1, each time the above code is displayed.

Avant Window Navigator:

In recent versions, AWN Manager cannot be access under root user. To enable it:

1. Press Alt + F2, and type this:
gedit /usr/bin/awn-manager
2. Search for:
if os.geteuid() == 0:
Change 0 to 1, save and you're done.

Update: in Avant Window Navigator 0.4, the file is now called awn-settings, so to edit it, run this:
gedit /usr/bin/awn-settings


Making VLC run under root is a bit tricky as it has binary files. But you can still do it:

1. Create a new file in /usr/local/bin called vlc and paste this in it:

xhost local:$user ; su -c "/usr/bin/vlc $@" $user
Replace "username" with your normal username

2. Now either add this path (/usr/local/bin/vlc) to your PATH or create an alias (file .bashrc in your home folder):
alias vlc='/usr/local/bin/vlc'

Now each time you run "vlc", the file in /usr/local/bin/vlc will be access, instead of /usr/bin/vlc and you will be able to open VLC while being logged in as root.

Obviously, both methods described above probably work with other apps to, but be aware: USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK!


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