Increasing Mouse Scroll Speed in Linux (Ubuntu/Mint...)

12/12/2022 02:49:00 PM Posted by Hoàng Dũng , No comments

This article explains how to change the mouse scroll speed in Linux, including Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.

Install imwheel and zenity

apt install imwheel zenity

Make a ~./local/bin directory

mkdir ~/.local/bin

Download zenity GUI for imwheel

wget http://www.nicknorton.net/mousewheel.sh -O ~/.local/bin/mousewheel.sh

Make that download executable

chmod u+x ~/.local/bin/mousewheel.sh

Add a desktop launcher

echo -e "[Desktop Entry]\nName=Mouse Wheel Adjustment\nExec=mousewheel.sh\nComment=\nTerminal=false\nIcon=mouse\nType=Application" > $(xdg-user-dir DESKTOP)/mousewheel.desktop

Make launcher executable

chmod u+x $(xdg-user-dir DESKTOP)/mousewheel.desktop

Add an autostart entry for imwheel

echo -e "[Desktop Entry]\nName=imwheel\nExec=imwheel\nX-GNOME-Autostart-enabled=true\nNoDisplay=false\nHidden=false\nComment=\nX-GNOME-Autostart-Delay=15\nType=Application" > ~/.config/autostart/imwheel.desktop

Log off and log back in - click the new Mouse Wheel Adjustment Launcher on your desktop.