MySql stops unexpectedly - XAMPP Windows version

4/01/2022 12:52:00 PM Posted by Hoàng Dũng No comments
(*) Update: Chỉ cần copy folder C:\xampp\mysql\backup\mysql paste đè lên folder C:\xampp\mysql\data\mysql là xong :)

Follows the steps to fix this error:

Step 1: Moved(cut/paste) all the files in C:\xampp\mysql\data to desired backup location.

Step 2: After that copied all the files from C:\xampp\mysql\backup to C:\xampp\mysql\data

Step 3: Restarted mysql and checked the phpmyadmin url, it worked.

Step 4: After that stopped mysql that copied ibdata1 file from backup location to C:\xampp\mysql\data

Step 5: Restarted mysql

Step 6: After that copied all database folders and checked all the tables, It worked.

Or this solution (shorter):

Just copy all files from C:\xampp\mysql\backup to C:\xampp\mysql\data

Make sure to take backup of your data folder to avoid any further problems.

If you see any error related to table engine then you can copy file ibdata1 from your backup data folder to current data folder