GoDaddy Premium DNS Review

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If you are looking for a product that will ensure your site is always online and secure, this GoDaddy Premium DNS review highlights one of the best options available. Premium
DNS is designed for individuals and businesses that want to eliminate
security gaps, boost site availability, and ensure faster performance.
This option comes with powerful features that are easy to use.

godaddy premium dns review GoDaddy Premium DNS Review

Enhanced Security

Premium DNS has DNSSEC, a security feature that forms an indestructible chain between your server and a visitor’s browser.
This is very important because hijacking is a major concern when it
comes to DNS systems across the globe. Hijackers can use your DNS system
to access confidential information. This product ensures that all your
online visitors arrive at your site as opposed to malicious websites
created by hackers.

Premium DNS also prevents hackers from stealing your credit card
details and any other personal information. With this system, hackers
will be unable to listen in to passwords, logins, and messages, making
your site secure for your online visitors.

Improved Reliability

Another attribute that makes Premium DNS stand out from the other
options is its improved reliability. This product ensures your visitors
are able to access your site whenever they want to. It uses the Anycast global network
that offers several redundancy layers. This means that your DNS
information is distributed to different serves across Asia, Europe, and
the US. This ensures that your site remains available even after one of
the servers goes down.

godaddy premium dns better performance GoDaddy Premium DNS Review

Better Performance

For those who are looking for improved performance, this GoDaddy
Premium DNS review points out how this product can help you get faster
responses on your site. If your online visitors complain about delays
when they visit your site, Premium DNS offers a perfect solution. This
product relies on quality infrastructure and this allows you to enjoy
faster resolution and better security compared to standard
infrastructure. The fact that information is distributed in more than
one DNS server ensures you get better responses.


This DNS system comes with some easy management tools. These tools
allow you to manage as many domains as your want. You can also come up
with templates using some straightforward configurations to make it
effortless for you to get domain updates.

Premium DNS has simplified error checking. You do not require any
kind of expertise to check for errors on your DNS system. This product
has error checking options to simplify the process.

It also allows multiple users and allows you to monitor any changes
that they make on the system. In addition, you get expert support at any
time of the day or night.

What Makes it Different?

If you are trying to choose between Premium DNS and another product,
there are various features that make this particular system stand out
from the rest. One of the unique features is that you get unlimited
domains or zones while other DNS products offer between 1 and 10.

The maximum records on this product are unlimited and you get up to 5,000,000 queries every month. This is a significant difference compared to some products that offer a maximum of 1,000,000 queries.

There are no overage fees to worry about with this product. Other features that make Premium DNS unique include:

· Secondary DNS

· 24/7 professional phone support

· Groups

· Multi-user logins

· Bulk updates

· Bulk export/import and updates

· Web forwarding

· Advanced reporting

· Templates

· and more….

godaddy premium dns better price GoDaddy Premium DNS Review


Premium DNS costs $2.39 per month. If you subscribe for 12 months, it will cost you $2.99. You get unlimited domains for a single price.  I recommend you using Godaddy Coupon for get lower price for Premium DNS.


From this GoDaddy Premium DNS review, it is evident
that if you are looking for a product to give you more features and
options for less, this is the best system to use. The last thing you
want is to compromise on your website security and performance. Premium
DNS offers quality features at a reasonable price. It makes it easy for
you to secure and control your DNS in order to boost accessibility. With
this product, your information is placed on a global network, allowing
online users to find the information you provide on your site at their
convenience. The security features put in place also protect your online
users and ensure their personal and financial information is safe from
hackers. This DNS option offers a comprehensive package for anyone who
wants to improve their site.

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