GoDaddy Auctions Review - Domain Name Aftermarket

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Buying and selling of domains have become a big business these days.
You’d be pretty surprised to know how a few words can be so valuable.
This is the reason that domain auction sites are getting popular day by
day. However, a lot of them require you to become a premium member to
sell the domains and demand huge fee, before you can even list out the
domain name for sale. A great alternative to sell or buy your domains is
to register with in-house auctions. In fact, GoDaddy Auctions provide a
great alternative for this task.

godaddy auctions review GoDaddy Auctions Review   Domain Name Aftermarket

Getting Started – GoDaddy Auctions

With GoDaddy Auctions, you will need to pay a little to play. For
small price of $5.49/year, you can buy the annual membership.
Apparently, there is just one way to “circumvent” the annual cost and
that is to avail the service through domain back-order service of
GoDaddy. If you set a back-order on a particular domain, the GoDaddy’s
Auction membership will automatically get included in the service price.
Back-ordering a domain will costs around $20.00, but if you do the
math, you will realize that it is an easy way to go. Like most GoDaddy
services, you can GoDaddy Auctions Coupon to save some money on the transaction. If you are frugal in nature then you will certainly find the auction quite helpful.

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